CA_pet_endoscopyEndoscopy is the term used to describe the method of obtaining an image of the inside of the body by placing a special tube (endoscope) inside the body. There are 2 kinds of endoscope.

A rigid endoscope is a small tube like a telescope. These are used by vets for looking inside joints, the bladder, nose and body cavities (and can even be used to perform keyhole surgery).
A flexible endoscope is often used for looking into the stomach but can also be put into the airways and down into the lungs. The advantage of a flexible endoscope is that it can be steered around corners.
Flexible endoscopes are extremely useful for viewing the inside of stomach and bowel where the endoscope has to pass a long distance into the body.

Endoscopy is increasingly being performed in general practice and your vet may suggest it for your pet if it has a breathing problem or bowel trouble.

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