At Toronto Central Animal Clinic, various surgeries are available for your pets. These include elective surgeries, soft tissue surgeries and orthopedic surgeries.

Pet surgery in Toronto

Elective surgeries include sterilization procedures such as Cats and dogs spays and neuters. Examples of other elective surgeries include dental prophylaxis, growth removals, biopsies, tail-docking, declawing of cats, and rabbit sterilizations.

Soft tissue surgeries usually involve internal organs and may be required for your pet’s specific condition. Examples include bite wound/trauma injuries (abscess), bladder stone removal (cystotomy), removal of enlarge spleen (splenectomy), urinary tract blockage (urethrostomy), foreign body removals from the stomach or intestines, or exploratory surgeries to evaluate the internal organs, removal of a colon (colonectomy) and Caesarian section.

Orthopedic surgeries are available for various conditions including fractures, luxating patellas (loose kneecaps), and cruciate ligament injuries (knee injuries).

AAHA Toronto Pet SurgeryWe always recommend an office visit and a full physical examination of your pet before undergoing any surgical procedure. This allows us to determine the best pre-surgical and surgical options for your pet with their health and well-being foremost in our minds.

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